Meet Our Executive Director

October 16, 2023·

Jimmy is a native Georgian having been born and raised in Columbus. He graduated from Auburn University in 2002 upon which he moved to the Atlanta area pursuing a career in politics. He spent his first two years out of school on the district staff of US Representative Mac Collins in McDonough. After Congressman Collins’ unsuccessful bid for the US Senate, Jimmy moved to Atlanta and began lobbying state government for small firms. In 2006, Jimmy joined the staff of the Georgia Construction Aggregate Association, and in 2010 he was named the Executive Director of the Georgia Ready Mixed Concrete Association where he has been since.

In 2018, Jimmy began lobbying for GMHA in addition to his duties with the ready mix association. During his tenure representing the manufactured housing community, he has helped pass bills that lowered sales taxes for certain MH transactions, provided relief on mortgage broker licensing requirements, and allowed for on frame modular in the state of Georgia.

Jimmy brings to GMHA a wealth of experience and relationships at the Georgia Capitol and throughout various state agencies. During the last two years, he has served as the Chairman of the Real Estate Trade Group, a formalized lobbying coalition whose members are industry trade associations with an interest in any and all aspects of real estate development.

“I have seen Georgia experience tremendous growth the last 18 years, almost become a victim of its own success,” said Jimmy. “Onerous regulations are putting the of home ownership out of reach for many Georgians, and I just simply believe people deserve a good place to live that they can afford. I look forward to working with our partners to develop sensible public policy that works for all.”

Jimmy and his wife Sally reside in Johns Creek, Georgia along with their 4 children Kenston, Olivia, Huck, and Davis. They are active volunteers at Mount Pisgah Christian School where their children attend. Jimmy is active on the Board of Trustees and enjoys announcing youth football on Saturday mornings.

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